School quality

During the previous school inspection the “Gymnasium am Bötschenberg” was thoroughly inspected and afterwards consulted.

Prior to the inspection the school was informed about the assessment criteria as well as the procedural specifics of the inspection, and a large number of documents and general information about the school was provided for the inspectors. Besides interviewing representatives of the school administration, teachers, parents, students and staff the inspectors were given a tour of the school. Alas, the focus of the inspection were numerous visits of actuall lessons.

In the end the result was clear: The “Gymnasium am Bötschenberg” reached an excellent grade in 9 out of 15 criteria. In the remaining six criteria, the school scored well an achieved the second best grade. All in all the school scored 54 out of 60 possible points.

Of particular interest is the fact that the quality of teaching was rated as good or even optimal. The school climate, life on campus and the pedagogical climate were assessed as being especially positive. Another factor is the amiable, contructive learning atmosphere as well as the pedagogical action and presentation of the faculty, which encourages the students and strengthens their self-esteem.

The particular “Spirit of the GaBö” became obvious to the inspection team as well. The friendy, respectfull contact of everyone involved in the school lead the team to remark: “Learning is fun here.”

The participiation in the project “*Eigenverantwortlich Schule*” (Self reliant school) serves as a great foundation for further quality enhancements. According to the headmaster, *Herr Friedrich Jungenkrüger*, there is still a lot of work to do. The continuous development of the *Mittelstufe* (Grades 5-10), the extension of intercurriculuar learning, educative standards as well as the renovation of the schoolyard are just a few aspects worth mentioning here.

By way of a precocious, forward-thinking organization of it’s profile, the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg has managed to be well prepared for the educative demands of our modern society. The school has earned an independent place in the academic offering in the city of Helmstedt. The school’s faculty is qualified above average and commands highly professional, didactical as well as methodical and pedagogical skills. Students, parents and teachers identify with the school to a high degree and support each other reciprocally in their engagement.

quoted from the inspection report

Altogether the result of the inspection has underscored the particular direction of the school.

The ministry of education has published the brochureSchule top – Schulinspektion in Niedersachsen, which contains information about the school inspection.