History of the school


01. April 1948Founding of the “Staatlichen Oberschule im Aufbau” on Wilhelmstraße
1960Move into current school building
May 1981Renaming to “Gymnasium am Bötschenberg Helmstedt”
October 1983Mr. Krumpelt becomes the new headmaster, replaces Jürgen Weiß
1996The former “Wirtschaftsgebäude” is rented and used as further classroom space
1997Introduction of the association „WiGaB e.V.”
1998Founding of the Association “Förderverein des Gymnasiums am Bötschenberg e.V.” with the goal to support the school
28. June 1999Mr. Friedrich Jungenkrüger becomes new headmaster, replaces Mr. Krumpelt
Summer holidays 2000Internet access
since 2002Regular participation of the Flying GaBös at the “Sportlerehrung des Kreissportbundes”
09. January 2003Founding of a parent initiative with the goal to support continuous development of the school in the county
07. July 2003A conference with the school’s bodies decrees that an advisory council be founded
since school year 2003/04Introduction of the class “Darstellendes Spiel” (Drama)
Introduction of the advanced course sports
Introduction of the economic class
Introduction of the “PASCHA-system”
since 2004Regular workshops regarding “cooperative learning”
since school year 2004/05Extension of the school, inclusion of the classes 5 & 6 (voluntary restriction to two classes)
Introduction of full-time supervision
since 2005Pilot school for the project „Erweiterte Eigenverantwortung in Schulen und Qualitätsvergleiche in Bildungsregionen und Netzwerken“
since school year 2005/06resolution of the county council to restrict the 11th grade to four classes (yearly revision)
01. August 2006Official recognition as a full-time school
since 2006Constitution of school partnerships with Lyon, Orastie, Fiuggi und Albuquerque
Reinforced cooperation with local and regional businesses as well as the “Otto-von-Guericke-Universität” in Magdeburg
Regular participation in the “Helmstedter Universitätstagen” and regular implementation of simulation games (MIG and Polis)
Constitution of a school partnership with China
since 2006Partner school of the VfL Wolfsburg
since 2006Regular yearly seminars with Mr. Jürgen Schlicher regarding intercultural conflict management

Regelmäßig jährliche Seminare mit Herrn Jürgen Schlicher zum interkulturellen Konfliktmanagement

2006Arrangement of the nature-park at the GaBö
since 2007ECDL-training
Regular sports-assistent-training in year 8
Regular participation of the year 8 in the „SCHULZ-Projekt“
of the “Braunschweiger Zeitung”
2007Founding of “Schulverein e.V.“
since 2008Extensive renovation
Insulation, fire protection, gym roof, Silentium, kitchen in the students’ cafe, et. al.
since 2009Introduction of a new lesson schedule with longer lessons
since 2009Regular participation in „Schüler schulen Senioren“
since 2010Member in the network “Blick über den Zaun“
2010Yearly presentations “Gemeinsam Leben – gemeinsam Sport treiben“
since 2012medical service
September 2012Second place in the competition “Regionaler Bildungspreis“
since January 2013yearly revue evening “Bunter Abend”
since January 2013
02. July 2014
Start of the „China-Projekt“
Founding of the assocication „GaBö-Campus-International e.V.“
20. September 2011
18. September 2013
Health days
since 2013Politician-Speed-Dating in cooperation with the PBH
05. June 2013
01. October 2013
11. March 2013
Series of talks “GaBö blickt weiter“
– Chatten, Surfen, Mailen @ Fluch oder Segen.de?
– Drum Circle
– Gregor Staub, Gedächtnistrainer
since 2014BOHE M E and BEREIT in cooperation with the “Allianz der Regionen”
Job orientation programs in the county Helmstedt
since 2006
since 2014
Regular advanced training:
– Lions-Quest: Erwachsen werden
– Lions-Quest: Erwachsen handeln
since 2014Constitution of the “Mobbing-Interventionsteam”
since 2014Participiation in the “ERASMUS+-Projekt”
September 2014The GaBö receives the award “Sportfreundliche Schule“ for the third time
January 2015The GaBö receives the award “Tanzsportbetonte Schule“