GaBö - International

Since the year 2003 the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg is a European school. It has been re-certified as a “Europaschule in Niedersachsen” in 2014 and offers a number of activities regarding Europe as part of its focus on “European and International Studies”. These are based on a European curriculum which was developed by the faculty.

There are various partnerships and cooperations with school in a number of European countries (France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands) which provide numerous opportunities for our students to learn about other cultures, meet young people from all over Europe and improve their foreign language capabilities by participating in one of the many projects.

The GaBö aims to form strategic partnerships with other schools in Europe, too. The ERASMUS+-program “Sur la voie”, which is financially supported by the European Union, provides the organizational background for offering internships in Lyon (France), Barcelona (Spain) and Bath (United Kingdom) in order to prepare students for life and work in the EU.

Since 2010 a regular exchange with the Highschool No. 1 in Hangzhou (China) is offered as well. Students from both countries are given the opportunity to spend a week at the partnerschool and even participate in the lessons. Excursions regarding the history and culture of the host country are being organized as well. Afterwards a longer roundtrip through the host country (or Europe) aids the students in understanding even more about regions, cities and the people.

This tight contact with the emerging China has resulted in another, unique project, the “China-Projekt”, which underscores the international orientation of the school. Since 2012 Chinese students from the Hangzhou Greentown Yuhua School and Yiwu Chouzhou Middle School are attending regular lessons at the GaBö in order to gain the German Abitur.

Foreign language teaching at the GaBö is manifold, since multi-language capabilities are viewed as an integral part of a forward-thinking education. Students are free to choose between Spanish or French as a second foreign language (with English being the mandatory first foreign language). In the upper grades they can take additional courses in Latin. There are also a number of extracurricular language activities (Dutch, Chinese, Norwegian), if the demand calls for it. The students are also able to attain various language certificates, such as DELF for French, TOEFL and CAE for English. Bilingual lessons are given in a number of classes, too.

Since 2003 the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg participates in the “European Spring” with a number of different activities and events, which are supported by external partners. In this regard, students deal with recent European topics and develop a well-grounded personal point-of-view as future citizens of Europe. Additionally, with regards to the regular lessons in economy and politics, the students get to know Europe as a job market.


Hangzhou (China)

Name: Hangzhou High School
Website: (Chinese)

About the school: Hangzhou High School is the largest school in the city centre of Hangzhou. It contains modern multimedia-classes, digital labs and an web-library. The school consists of three buildings, a large sports ground, an observatorium as well as a large library containing more than 200.000 books. At this point in time approximately 1.000 students are being taught by 175 teachers. Year after year the most excellent alumni attend famous Universities and technical colleges. Hangzhou High School offers 28 extracurricular activities, which enrich the school life as a whole. Hangzhou High School is very serious about international exchange.

Partnership since: 2011
Form of partnership: student exchange
About Hangzhou: Hangzhou on Wikipedia |Official Website of Hangzhou (English)

Baza (Spain)

Name: I.E.S. “Alcrebite”

About the school: The small school I.E.S. „Alcrebite“ is situated at „Plaza Carlos Cano“ in Baza (Granada), Andalusien. Baza is a small town with a population of 21.000 and located approximately 100km North-East of Granada.

Partnership since: September 2013
Form of partnership: student exchange
About Baza: Baza on Wikipedia | Further information about Baza (Spanish)

Ermelo (Netherlands)

Name: Christelijk College Groevenbeek

About the school: The Christelijk College Groevenbeek is a confessional school with a private funding body. Approximately 2.500 students attend the school at two locations.

Partnership since: 2010
Form of partnership: student exchange, exchange on administrative level
About Ermelo: Ermelo on Wikipedia | Official website of Ermelo (Dutch)

Fiuggi (Italy)

Name: Liceo Scientifico di Fiuggi “Dante Alighieri”

About the school:The school was founded in 1996/97 bei combining a number of different schools into one.

Partnership since: 2003
Form of partnership: student exchange every two years
About Fiuggi: Fiuggi on Wikipedia | Official website of Fiuggi (Italian)

Lyon (France)

Name: Le lycée professionnel du 1er film
Website: (French)

About die Schule: „Le lycée professionnel du 1er film“ is situated in the „rue du 1er film“ in the city centre of Lyon. It was founded in 1965, with expansion and modernization occuring in 1996. The school offers a boarding school for students from outside of Lyon. As is custom in France, there is a Cafeteria with has freshly produced food on offer.

Partnership since: 2003
Form of partnership: reciprocal visits of student groups
About Lyon: Lyon on Wikipedia | Official Website of Lyon (French)

Orastie (Romania)

Name: Colegiul National “Aurel Vlaicu”

About the school: The school was founded in 1919, with Romanian flight pioneer Aurel Vlaicu serving as eponym.

Partnership since: 2004
Form of partnership: Reciprocal visits by faculty and administration, student groups
About Orastie: Wikipediaeintrag zu Orastie | Offizielle Website der Stadt Orastie (Romanian)