WiGaB – Wirtschaft am Gymnasium am Bötschenberg


What is it?

WiGaB e.V. is an association with the focus on establishing an organized cooperation between the local and regional economy and the school. WiGaB as an acronym stands for Wirtschaft am GaBö, which literally translates “Economy at the GaBö”.

Which businesses belong to WiGaB e.V.??

  • Foto und Video GmbH Asmus
  • Notar und RA Angermann HE
  • Öffentliche Versicherung HE
  • Baubedarf Lehrmann HE
  • Best Western Hotel Helmstedt
  • Volksbank Helmstedt

What are these businesses doing at WiGaB e.V.?

These business provide their know-how as well as financial support for various school projects (internships, applicants trainings, open day at the school, et. al.)

Who is the directorate of the association?

  • Chair: Herr Velensek (Foto Asmus)
  • Deputy Chair: Frau Gundlach (Gymnasium am Bötschenberg)
  • Treasurer: Frau Latuszek (Volksbank Helmstedt)
  • Secretary: Frau Schröder (Gymnasium am Bötschenberg)

What are the tasks of the directorate?

The directorate holds regular meetings, which everyone interested is invited to join (students, teachers, parents, et. al.). During these meetings the members of the directorate discuss how to allocate donations, which projects and activities to support as well as the organizational matters of the association.