Grundschule Pestalozzistraße

Grundschule_PestalozzistrasseIn order to further an already well working relationship as well as making the move from primary to secondary school as easy as possible for our students, the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg and the Grundschule Pestalozzistraße have signed an agreement of cooperation, which was confirmed by the directorates of both schools and signed by the headmasters Andrea Ruppert-Cöppics and Friedrich Jungenkrüger.

The agreement covers cooperation in professional, pedagogical and organistational aspects. This includes regular meetings of the management of both schools, common conferences as well as a regular exchange between the teachers of the 4th and 5th grades. Furthermore, regular and reciprocal notifications of all measures regarding the changes of curricula as well as information about the development of students in order to enhance further fostering have been agreed upon. The Grundschule Pestalozzistraße and the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg have a longstanding history of cooperation, with the ultimate goal of enabling a frictionless transition of students from primary to secondary school. This has included visits during lessons as well as extracurricular activities which pupils from both schools could participate in together. The Flying GaBös, one of the figureheads of the GaBö, are also open for primary school students.

Lademann Realschule

The Lademann Realschule and the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg have been cooperating for some time now in order to enable students a frictionless transition from the Realschule to the gymnasiale Oberstufe at the GaBö. For this reason teachers in various classes – such as mathematics, French, English and German – participate in a regular exchange. Furthermore, teachers of the Lademann Realschule partake in skill enhancement sessions at the GaBö, for instance concerning cooperative learning. Since both school are part of the initiative “Eigenverantwortliche Schulen und Qualitätsentwicklung in Niedersachsen” – Independent schools and furthering of school quality – those teachers responsible for accompanying this process are in regular contact with each other.