German Red Cross

In cooperation with the Youth Red Cross in Lower Saxony the Gymasium am Bötschenberg works on various projects:

  • Project “Humanitäre Schule” (Humanitarian school)
  • First aid courses
  • Medical Service

Humanitäre Schule

The Youth Red Cross continues the campain “Humanitarian School”. The declared goal is to encourage young people to claim responsibility for themselves as well as weaker ones. Cooperative and social competencies as well as the ability to solve problems are meant to be furthered. Young people are made aware of strategies for solving conflicts, while at the same time feeling empathy.

HumSch-Logo_01Since 2005 the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg has been taking part in the project “Huminatarian School”. After an introductory phase, which included the training of students as “Humanitarian Scouts”, each year the 11th grade continues the project at the school

In order to accomplish the certificate the students complete a simulation in addition to a project of their choice.

The simulation deals with the conflict of the two fictititous African countries Ratika and Libaso. Both countries fight for a small strip of land that provides a direct access to the ocean. As a result of the conflict both countries are on the verge of a humanitarian catastrohpe. The task of the students is to play the roles of delegates of both countries, the United Nations, the Red Cross, the media and Germany with the aim of finding a peaceful solution.

Projekt-Humanitaere-SchuleAfterwards the students are tasked with finding a project which they can engage in to further humanitarian causes. This can pertain to dealing with discrimation, helping weaker students, aiding schools in need or supporting people who lost everything. The choice of project is entirely up to the participating schools.< Anschließend erarbeiten die Schülerinnen und Schüler des GaBö meist in den Räumen des Jugendfreizeit- und Bildungszentrums der Stadt Helmstedt im Rahmen des Planspiels eine Konfliktlösungsstrategie. Dabei wird in einem selbst gewählten Projekt die Leitfrage erörtert: „Wo möchten wir uns für Menschlichkeit engagieren?“ Es kann z. B. um den Umgang mit dikriminierendem Verhalten oder um Hilfen für leistungsschwache Schüler/innen an der eigenen Schule gehen, aber auch um Unter­stützung von Schulen in Krisengebieten oder Sammlungen für Menschen in Not. Die Schulen sind bei der Wahl dieses Projektes völlig frei. A a follow-up to the project each year a certification event is held in Hannover. Additional information can be found on


logo-drkAs part of the assistant coach training – formerly Juleica – a mandatory first-aid-course is taught to all students. (8 hours)

It is not only the students who make use of the generous offer of the Red Cross, but the teachers, secretaries and even caretaker regularly update their firstaid-capabilities.

The following topics are part of the First-Aid-Courses:

  • Unconsciousness and disruptions of the cardiovascular system
  • Open wounds and broken bones
  • Burn wounds and hypothermia

Medical Service


Initiated by Jonas Minge as well as Christiane and Friedrich Jungenkrüger, who are both Red Cross educators, a medical service has been established at the GaBö. The medical service complements and ensures the First-Aid at the school in the case of ailments, sickness or injuries.

The medical service guarantees an effective first-aid and improves the general school climate. It serves as an important part of the initial response in emergencies. As part of regular sessions those students who serve in the medical service further their skills in first-aid, emergency prevention and health education. They also dela with organizational matters and take care of material and the allotted room. They are assisted by the Red Cross Helmstedt.

Starting with the 5th grade, all students can participate in the medical service. The only prerequesitve is successful completen of a first-aid-course. Interested students should contact Christiane Jungenkrüger.