GaBö Campus International

In order to further intercultural communication, eleven committed persons met for the first time at the Politische Bildungsstätte (PBH) to become the founders of a forward thinking registered association. Notary Torsten Schliephake partook in the founding sessions due to his dedication and understanding of the importance of such an event. The goal of the association is to support foreign students in Helmstedt, particular in regard to housing and accomodation, but also in all necessary aspects of everyday life.

Newly elected president Wilnis Tracums: “At this point in time it is our utmost concern to serve as a connection between the PBH and the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg (GaBö) regarding our young Chinese students, as well as supporting them in their everyday life in Helmstedt. We also strive to regain the trust of their parents by being as transparent in our actions as possible.”
The assocation understands its own future to be more widereaching, for instance by supporting foreign students from other nations who visit the GaBö and Helmstedt as part of various exchange programs.

Tracum: “The cultural exchange and active fostering of youth education and intercultural communication are the way of the future for our students as well as our international guests.”

Also part of the directorate are vice-president Dr. Hans-Jürgen Grasemann, vice-president finances Günther Rasch, secretary Karin Cyrol and observers Margrit Niemann, Uwe Strümpel, Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Tuengerthal, Klaus Breitner and Claudius Traumann. The members of the directorate are available for questions related to membership in the association.

Membership fee is € 12 / year.

Should you be interested in a membership, don’t hesitate to send an email to:

Wilnis Tracums
Präsident GaBö Campus Interantional
h.0170/981 4423
Unsere Bankverbindung lautet Volksbank Helmstedt EG:
IBAN DE 80 271 900 82 0105 393 000


为了促进国际民族理解这一宗旨,11个热心人士第一次在Helmstedt教育培训机构大楼会面,希望在当地建立一个具有未来意义的协会。对于公证员Torsten Schliephake 来说,这次的成立大会非常重要,他自己就亲自参加了第一次的会议。这个新协会特别会对外国学生在食宿方面提供支持,以及提供咨询和陪同。

新推举出的协会会长Wilnia Tracums说:目前我们特别关切的是,为了我们年轻的中国学生在文理中学和教育机构住宿部之间牵线搭桥,并为他们在本地提供支持。我们也希望通过彼此坦诚工作,建立与中国家长的信任。


理事会另外还有副会长Hans-Jürgen Grasemann博士,副会长Finanzen Günther Rasch,秘书Karin Cyrol和理事Margrit Niemann,Uwe Strümpel,HansJürgen Tuengerthal教授 , Klaus Breitner und Claudius Traumann。对于会员资格感兴趣的成年人,理事会成员很乐意解答你的任何疑问。