Cambridge CAE Englisch-AG with Mrs. Schwarz

“In our Cambridge group, students from grades 10 and 11 study for the Cambridge exam which is required for some courses of study like European Business Studies, Tourism etc. Together we get to know all the necessary text formats and help each other so that we will be able to pass the exam or just have fun and improve our English. Every Wednesday we meet with the head of our group, Mrs. Schwarz. The atmosphere is really open, helpful and supportive so no one has to be afraid of being laughed at. We can also make suggestions and express our wishes which formats we like to concentrate on. It is a mixture of reading, writing and speaking in a group where you are able to share your love and passion for English with others that feel the same.”

“Cambridge is always fun even though it takes place in the 7thand 8thperiod. It is completely different from regular English lessons.”

“The Cambridge group is a good opportunity to improve our knowledge of English.”

Participants: Jaqueline Dobrota – Laura Engler – Sophie Feuereis – Maxi Hartig – Magdalena Hoffmann – Pia Kaufmann – Ameline Langbecker – Tjark Langpap – Rebecca Manske – Antonia Marawi – Chris mende – Nathalie Opilo – Nina Poppitz – Kassandra Rybarczyk – Sarah Sabri – Helen Schade – Elisa Störmann – Caroline Tischer